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When You roll your bike into our shop for service, a Flat Tire, Shifting Adjustment, Brake Pads, or A Full Tune-Up. A mechanic will put your bike in a workstand and if your schedule allows, We'll inspect your bike and start the discovery process with you. The mechanic will listen to your description of the problem(s) and ask you a few questions after a visual inspection.

If you've come in for A Full Tune Up, We'll inspect every part of the bicycle. The Tune includes cleaning the entire bicycle relubing any dry bearings, the chain and proper inflation of the tires. Cleaning the bicycle helps us get a closer inspection. Sometimes parts and tires are covered with dirt/mud and globs of grease. Cleaning is also another part of the discovery process during The Tune. Once the bicycle is clean dry we can get started on the Shifting dirt or frayed cables and cracked housing will be replaced.

Rush service is available for everyone! Commuters, Racers, BMXers, Tourists and even Stollers. Anyone "Out on the Road" with a flat or a mechanical goes to the front of the line.

We sell race proven bicycles, parts, equipment & apparel. Oregon Bike Shop maintains bicycles with excellent mechanical service: Tune-ups & Repairs, Upgrades and complete custom builds.All bicycle sales include experienced fittings and complimentary tune-ups for one year or your first 1000 miles.

posted by Tyler, Editor/Bike

When it rains, it pours.
We just posted new carbon 29er hardtails from boutique builders Momsen and Chiru, now One Ghost Industries is in on the action. We saw a prototype of this at Interbike, and now founder David Meredith says his One Ghost Ronin is ready to ship in March.

And that sweet full carbon fork? It’s ready, too, but there are only six of them available, so order now if you want the matchy-matchy. There are only seven of each frame size available in the March production run, so those are pretty limited, too.

Ronin, which means “masterless warrior”, claims to be the ultimate XC weapon…whether that’s endurance, regular or short track XC makes no difference.

The Ronin frame uses a full monocoque frame construction with a BB30 bottom bracket. David says this lets them run a normal BB30 bottom bracket or put an eccentric BB in there to run it as a single speed. Frame/Fork is $1,799 $1,499, and various build kits/complete bikes might be available. Frame only is $1,099.

Of course, you can choose to deck out your One Ghost bike with their own Candy Components parts, which include some pretty good colors for bar, post clamp, headset & pedals

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